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A bit about myself...
My name is Todd Kumpf. I'm currently attending the Illinois Institute of Art in Chicago, Illinois studying Visual Effects & Motion Graphics pursuing a Bachelors Degree. My real passion however is 3D modeling. I've been using the software 3D Studio Max as a hobby since early 2002, and have decided to transform this passion into a career. I'm doing freelance work under my "company" Toddfx, but hope to find a job soon as a 3D modeler or at some sort of digital artist.

One of my hobbies that has branched off of the 3D modeling is the modding of the Grand Theft Auto games. Starting with GTA3 and Vice City, i'm now making vehicle mods for the newest PC installment of the series: San Andreas. On this site you'll find all the vehicle mods i've made, as well as mod projects i'm currently working on. All finished work has been made available for download, and tutorials can be found here to learn how to install these mods as well as how to create your own.

Becides that, i'm very interested in photography especially what's called "documentary photography" which is the documenting of ones life (or specific events) though photos. My camera is my cellphone (Sony Ericsson k800i w/ 3.2 megapixel Sony Cybershot), so naturally I have it with me anywhere I go. I snap photos of anything even mildly interesting that I see, and sometimes even uninteresting things. In my spare time I love surfing the internet, exploring Google Earth, playing Nintendo Wii, and enjoying college life.