Silvertip Bladerunner
San Andreas mod - Download Here

Designed by Silvertip Design, this ultra-modern coach is capable of travel on both rail and road, and with its unique rear steering assembly can navigate corners that even normal coaches would never be able to. It was originally designed by Carl Hendrson, Andrew Robinson, and Simon Mattok.

Unfortunatly, this San Andreas vehicle mod does not include the steerable trailer or the ability to drive on railroads like the real bus does. The driver is positioned in the trailer, and will float in mid air until the truck is connected to the trailer body. The drive truck is 4 wheel steering, which can be turned on by holding the hand brake just like the monster trucks. I suggest using this to your advantage when turning tight corners. Pull foward almost past the turn, then turn on rear steering and pivot the drive section 90 degrees, then pull the trailer though clearing the curb or post.

The only known bug is that at times the trailer can be unstable and sort of bounce around a bit. Contact with certain obstacles or if traffic rams the back of it, the trailer has a tendancy to bounce up into the air or roll over. It also sometimes has a hard time approaching steep hills, which makes the front of the trailer dig into the drive section.