Hydrofoam Stunt
San Andreas Mod - Download Here

This is an all-terrain hovering vehicle that can drive on land, water, and fly in the air performing acrobatic stunts. It's based on a remote control craft called the Hydro-Foam (also known as the Storm Launcher) that performs similarly. It will drive like the Vortex on land or water until you make it up to about 50 mph or so when you can pull back on the flight controls to lift off. After you're up, can have fun flying around with pretty good agility.

Flying tips:
-When driving on land or water, keep speed below 30 or 40 mph.
-Small steering corrections are best, especially when driving on land or water.
-To lift off, simply get up to speed and pull back on the yoke (same up/down controls as other planes use).
-Turning is done mostly by rolling sideways and pulling back on the yoke. -To fly upside down, roll 180 degrees and hold the yoke up
-To land, hold brake and it will drift down