Ordinary/Penny-Farthing Bicycle
San Andreas Mod - Download Here

I saw one of these driving down the street and it really caught my attention. These weird bikes are really interesting, and one day I was bored so I decided to make one. Total time spent on it was about 2 and a half hours or so.

It's nothing too serious. It replaces the "bike" bicycle, and is made up of its parts. I worked out a new frame for it and just hung on to all the wheels and major parts. Most of the time was spent tweaking the handling, focusing on the center of gravity shifts when you lean backwards and fowards. I got it so that if you brake too hard you will flip over the front, just like you really would I was able to do some pretty sweet wheelies and stuff with it.

There are 3 lines of code that need replacing, 2 of which in the handling.cfg. Don't be alarmed by the differant handling name; it's like this by default and I have no idea why! It's called "bike" in vehicles.ide, but "chopperb" in handling.cfg.

There were no texture modifications, so no TXD is even supplied.