How To Install Vehicle Mods Manually

When you download a mod, at very minimum it will include 3 files: A .TXD and .DFF with identical names, and a readme.txt file which includes special instructions about that particular mod. Reading the readme is always the first thing you should do! Depending on the type of mod and its level of complexity, the readme file will also include important code that needs to be replaced in order for the mod to work correctly.

A .DFF file is the 3D model of a vehicle, object, or segment of map. The .TXD file is a package of bitmaps that are the textures for the mod. Both of these files are labeled with the name of the vehicle that it replaces in the game. Default vehicles which are to be replaced are packaged into the file "gta3.img" (it is ALWAYS called gta3, even if you're modding Vice City or San Andreas) located in the games "models" directory. You need to download the IMG Tool to open this package.

To avoid possible corruption, make a backup of any files you modify.

1) Use IMG Tool to open the file gta3.img located in your RockStar/SanAndreas/Models folder.

2) Use Edit > Search to find the DFF and TXD files dictated by your downloaded mod. Right click on each of them and Extract a backup copy, then delete them.

3) Once the appropriate files are deleted, use Command > Add to add each of the new DFF and TXD files that were supplied. If you're unsure if you did it correctly, Use Search and Search Next to confirm that there is only 1 copy of each file replaced. Newly added files are placed at the bottom of the list.

4) Close IMG Tool, and use Notepad to open the file handling.cfg located in your Rockstar/SanAndreas/Data folder. You may need to uncheck "Read Only" in the files Properties before you can save the changes.

5) Look in the readme.txt file that was supplied with the mod, and copy the line of code that it says goes into the handling.cfg file. Read the readme carefully and make sure you copy the correct code. NOTE: If no code is supplied, you're finished! Boot up your game and spawn the vehicle.

6) Search for and replace the appropriate vehicles line of code. Planes, boats, and motorcycles require TWO seperate lines of code - the second is located in a seperate group near the bottom of the document. When replacing lines, be careful to replace the correct line. Any errors in the code will cause problems in the game.

7) Check the readme file again and see if it says you need to replace code in the vehicles.ide file. If not, you're finished!

8) Use Notepad to open the file vehicles.ide located in your Rockstar/SanAndreas/Data folder. Copy and replace the appropriate line of code from the readme into vehicles.ide.

And now you should be finished. Download a car spawner for an easier time playing with your mods. E-mail me if you have any comments or questions. Good luck and have fun!